01 Greenhouse construction & greenhouse technology

We support you even before the start of your project and accompany you until completion.

Our services for greenhouse construction & greenhouse technology

Consulting & Planning

Before the start of a project there is a detailed consultation. In these discussions, we work with you to develop your dream property, which will meet your ideas and requirements in every respect. After these detailed preliminary discussions, drawings are produced which are later translated into 3D graphics to visualise your project.

Site management & competence network

We plan research greenhouses, garden centres, sales greenhouses and production greenhouses in wide-span or Venlo design – completely individual according to your wishes! We take care of building permits, the involvement of architects and structural engineers and take care of the complete project planning. Our independence from manufacturers and distributors guarantees you the most cost-effective and optimal solution.

Control & Completion

Construction delays can be avoided through extensive construction planning in individual project phases. In addition, optimised cost comparisons ensure a quick overview and appropriate cost control until the construction project is completed.

02 Heating & air conditioning

Whether oil, gas, coal, wood or solar – we will find the most energy efficient solution for your project.

Our services for heating and air conditioning

Consulting & Planning

When choosing a heating system, long-term efficiency is of great importance. Ecologically and economically, the energy requirement must be weighed against the acquisition costs. Furthermore, the right indoor climate at any time of the year has top priority when planning a building solution. The selection of the right shading material is decisive for optimum cooling effects – supplemented by the consideration of all aspects relating to building authorities and fire insurance.


In addition to demand-oriented planning, PlanB² offers innovative solutions such as photovoltaics and solar thermal energy in addition to the usual heating systems. We will install a computerised control system for you, with which you can conveniently control and operate the entire system yourself. The control is supported by an optimal energy management of various sensors and probes.

Control & energy efficiency

We present the best solutions for every application, whether you are interested in oil, gas, coal or wood, heat pumps or solar, combined heat and power plants or fuel cells. From this variety of energy systems, we are sure to find the right solution for you in terms of efficiency and costs. We work and plan with state-of-the-art technology so that you can control energy costs and protect nature.

03 Lighting & Control

The latest electrical engineering for the most demanding conditions and precise control.

Our services in lighting technology & control engineering

Analysis & Planning

For the optimal adaptation to your project, we prepare an energy demand analysis and thus develop an ideal system for power supply and control. As a specialist in this field, our systems always meet the requirements and conditions you need due to high humidity, solar radiation and generated temperatures.

Lighting technology from VALOYA

We cooperate with the Valoya company for the lighting technology of your greenhouse. Valoya’s wide range of products offers the best possible lighting for plants in an energy-efficient way. We have compiled more information about the manufacturer and the wide range of products here for you.

High-Pressure Sodium Lamps

For numerous applications, conventional high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS) remain the most economical assimilation luminaires today. Our range of HPS lamps is characterized by excellent mechanical strength and high corrosion resistance. We have compiled more information here for you.

Automation & Maintenance

Thanks to the automation of the latest electrical engineering, the equipment can be precisely controlled. On-site installation and maintenance are carried out by our technicians.

04 Temperature rooms & vernalisation

Individually usable temperature rooms for growth promotion and versatile use.

Our services for cooling rooms, vernalisation rooms & temperature rooms

Consulting & Planning

For the planning of your cooling, vernalisation or temperature room, we create individual requirement profiles on the basis of intensive discussions. These culminate in the development of a construction concept that meets your ideas and requirements.

Construction & Installation

Once the planning has been completed, we move into the implementation phase and build or extend the corresponding premises. In addition, we install the necessary technology that meets high standards of energy efficiency and can be individually controlled and monitored.

Inspection & Maintenance

We and our technicians are also available for maintenance work beyond the construction completion of the project. Our installations stand for lasting efficiency and performance, both on a structural and technical level.